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Road Accidents in Pakistan and their solutions.

Accident is an unwanted incidental and without a plan , usually something bad. It also may be defined as ” anything that happens suddenly or by a chance without an apparent cause ” . It is also an unfortunate mishap , especially causing injury or death to someone.

Road Accident is an unwanted collisions of Vehicles or Motorbikes etc , in which victim is severely injure or minor injure . Mostly Accidents are of minor severity , but highly severe accidents may lead to life time handicap or may lead to death. The vehicle collisions or falls are the most or major cause of road accidents. The vehicles may be Cars , Trucks , Bicycles or carts.

According to the World Health Organization, total fatalities 25,781 in Pakistan in the year 2013.
( Wikipedia)

Every day many people in Pakistan face accidents in resulting minor injuries , severe injuries or death at the spot. The main cause of road accidents is fast driving . Mostly the young ones have a zeal and zest of fast driving and they are too eager to drive fast . Young ones may be indulge in Racing of bikes or cars which are mostly resulted in fatal accidents either their death or handicap or minor injuries. The young ones are also included in One wheeling , which is a dangerous act. The most common victims are the Motorcycle drivers . They are got hit by vans , cars or buses .The second victims are car drivers which are collided between each other mostly in winter season due to fog on motorways or Highways or roads in cities.

The Rescue 1122 is the most effective and god gifted facility to Pakistani people . The active and soft kind rescue officers rescue the injured and gave them treatment on the spot if the injury is minor or take the injure person to the nearest District Headquarters Hospital .


  • The main cause of road accidents is fast driving.
  • Over loading of vehicles is also a main cause of road accidents.
  • Improper licensing of driving is also a main cause of accidents in Pakistan.
  • Broken or substandard roads are also a main cause of accidents,
  • Substandard vehicle parts which may broken or stop working on the way.
  • Failing of brakes or improper lighting in night time is also a main cause of accidents in Pakistan.
  • No gates on railway tracks are also a cause of vehicle-train accidents.
  • Less age drivers or over age drivers are also a cause of accidents.
  • Improper training before issuing driving license or corruption in issuing medical certificates are also cause of accidents in Pakistan,
  • No proper sign boards on steep roads are also a cause of road accidents.
  • One of the major cause of accidents in Pakistan is short roads or less wide roads , on which double way traffic is hard to travel.
  • No proper check and balance of unlicensed drivers.
  • No use of seat belts or helmets while driving.
      Solution of Road Accidents :-
  • The first solution to save from road accidents is proper check and balance of unlicensed drivers, Make sure that the driver must have medical certificate from certified Hospital.
  • Make sure no over age or under age drivers on the roads.
  • Stop over loading of Heavy Vehicles.
  • Construct new standard roads or highways or increase speed breakers on the main chowks.
  • Make sure best quality spare parts of vehicles.
  • Construct gates on railways tracks.
  •  Driver must have a certificate of training of minimum 15 Days in certified driving learning school.
  • New proper sign boards on roads to aware driver from the prevailing road conditions. For example , school ahead at 200 m ,hospital ahead at 100 m.
  • Speed checking cameras on all highways to prevent fast driving.
  • Use safety measures like seat belts or helmets while driving.
  • Heavy fines must be imposed to the drivers if they violate traffic rules.
  • Chapters of Traffic rules must be added in Syllabus books of children for their awareness.

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