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Top Ten Tourism Cities of the World – General Knowledge

Master card has issued a lists of famous tourism countries , where a large numbers of tourists visited these countries from 2009 to 2016. The list Top Ten countries is following :-

1- Bangkok , Thailand :
Bangkok has an award of being most famous tourism city of the world , the reason of his popularity is cheap tourism cost rates , Historical and Modern Places and recreational sites and Beaches. During this year in one list , it is listed as 2nd Cheap Tourism Cost rates city of the world.The average expenditure of an tourist in Bangkok is 69.38$ or more than 7000-Rs PKR.

2- London , UK :
London is not obedient to any introduction , it is one of the few countries where large number of tourists visits every year. London is one of the excellent Industrialist , Economist and Traditional , centers of the world. From all over the world , it has great impacts on  political , Educational , Recreational , Journalism , Fashion and Fun. The four Traditional heritages of London are present in   UNESCO’s list of Traditional Heritages, It includes West Minister Palace , Saint Margaret Church , London Bridge and Botanical Garden.

3-Paris , France :
Paris a ” city of love” is one of the famous tourism sites of the world. Every year 4,50,00,000 tourists visits this country and this stats includes 60% international tourists. The famous and historical buildings , famous departments and  beautiful gardens attracts many tourists towards them.

4- Dubai, UAE
Before thirty or forty Years , Dubai was not more than a Desert , and today it has become a centers of  150 Highest buildings like Burj Khalifa  , Princess Towers .

5- New York , America :
It is famous for New York that ” It is a city which never sleeps , the best transport system of the country makes easier for tourists to explore this beautiful city. It is a city where people are residing from every part of the world.

6- Singapore :
Singapore is a smallest country of the one the wealthy countries of the world. It is also known due to his highest cost rates. The luxurious points attracts tourists from the world,

7- Kuala lumpur . Malaysia :
The most famous hotels of the world are present in this city. The important tourism sites of this city includes ,Parliament House , National Palace , National Museum , Central Market and National memorable.

8- Istanbul , Turkey :
It is a only country of the world , which is located in two continents of Europe and Asia respectively. It is a only country which became capital of three famous dynasties, These includes Roman Empire , Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Dynasty. Turkey is also known as “city of Seven Mountains.

9- Tokyo Japan :
To the point of view of  International economics , Japan has own great importance .It is one of the highly cost rates city of the world. It is one of the best lifestyle countries of the world,

10- Seoul , South Korea :
It has population of more than Ten Millions people , The ratio of crime in this city is negligible, It is also known as peaceful city of the Asia, 

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