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1.   Who was the father of Economics?
 A: Adam smith      B: john marshal   C: Adam Bede            D: Charles Babbage

2:   What is the year of French Revolution?

A: 1789      B: 1879                        C: 1790                       D: 1791

3:   Who conquered Spain in 711 A.D.?
A: Alau ud din khilji                        B: Musa bin naseer     C: Tariq bin ziad       D: Mohammad bin qasim

4:   When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
A: 1864      B: 1863                        C: 1865                       D: 1906

5: What was the original name of Orang Zaib Alamgir?

A: Miza kutab din   B: shafi Mahammad    C: Mahyud-ud-din   D: none of these

6: Socrates was the teacher of?

A: Aristotle B: Francic Bacon        C: Plato                      D: Hero Dotus

7: When Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was given the title of Ataturk?

A: 1935                  B: 1934                        C: 1832                       D: 1937

8: Who was the leader of Boy Scout association?

A: Lord Pitman                  B: Lord Baden Paul  C: john Baden Paul     D: none of these

9: Who invented Radio?

A: Garaham Bell                B: Marconi       C: Radial Villiams      D: Einstein

10: Who wrote “the importance of Being Earnest”?

A: Oscar wilde                 B: john keats     C: G.B. Shaw   D: Thomas Hardy

11: ________ is the source of energy for human brain?

A: Glucose           B: Sugar          C: Almond oil               D: Coconut oil

12: What is the most precious metal of universe?

A: Gold                  B: Crude Oil    C: Diamond                 D: Platinum

13: Which is the most intelligent animal after human being?
A: Apes                        B: Monkeys         C: Dolphin              D: Parrot

14: The second largest desert of the world is?
A: Arabian Desert      B: Sahara        C: Gobi desert             D: Great Bear

15: 1917 is known for?
A: French Revolution           B: Emancipation Declaration  C: Russian revolution D: Simla Pact

16: Capital of Spain is?
A: Madrid        B: Albania        C: Pisa                        D: Pannonia

17: Currency of Italy is?
A: Euro                       B: Italian Rupee                       C: Lira             D: Italian Dollar

18: The first woman in space was?
A: Lila William             B: Valentine Tereshkova                 C: Décor Venn                        D: ilea Eustachio

19: The headquarters of ECO is located in?
A: Delhi            B: Kabul          C: Tehran       D: Saharan

20: Darling is the name of?
A: Sea             B: Lover’s nick name              C: Desert                    D: River

21: The outflow of Indus River is?
A: Indian Sea               B: Arabian ocean       C: Artic Ocean                        D: Baltic Sea

22: The largest lake of the world is?
A: Ansoo Lake             B: Green Island lake                C: Caspian Sea                     D: Dead Sea

23: The standard time of Pakistan is?
A: 5 hours ahead of Greenwich time          B: PST                        C: 12:00 P.M.              D: Hour Zero

24: Strait of Dover separates?
A: England and France                     B: France and Germany                     C: England and Germany
D: France and Italy

25: World smallest state by population is?
A: Brazil           B: Vatican City                       C: Russian Federation                        D: Antarctica

26:  I applied ___ the headmaster for a sick leave?
A: For              B: By               C: From                       D: To

27: A son was born ___ her?
A: To               B: By               C: With                        D: In

28: What is meant by confidant?
A: Self reliance                        B: Comrade                C: Confidence on self             D: Stout person

29: What is synonym of Pathos?
A: A character                         B: Huge heart              C: Tender feelings               D: Sorrows

30: Smoke is fatal ___ man?
A: For              B: To               C: With                        D: By

31: _____ is called babul-ul-Islam?
A: Sindh          B: Deebal                    C: Ajmair                     D: Multan

32: When did Quid-e-Azam left India for good and reached at Karachi?
A: 7th August 1947     B: 14th Aug. 1947        C: 15th Aug. 1947        D: 3rdJune 1947

33: What is the name of first Pakistani film?
A: Sangam      B: Teri yaad               C: Tum mery ho                      D: tumhari khatir

34: Who was the first Muslim commander in chief (c-n-c) of Pakistan army?
A: Ayub khan              B: Yahya khan             C: Zia ul Haq               D: Mohammad Ali

35: The highest city of Pakistan is Ziarat. What is its height?
A: 4500 feet                 B: 5000 feet                C: 5500 feet                D: 3200 Feet

36: Who was the first president of Azad Kashmir?
A: Sardar Abraham khan      B: Quid e Azam                      C: Nazim ud Din                     D: sardar Sakandar Mirza

37: Which city of Pakistan is in two provinces?
A: Attock                      B: Rajan Pur               C: Taxila                     D: Noshehra city

38: Who was the first king of slave dynasty?
A: Qutb-ud-din aibak                        B: Allau ud Din khilji                 C: Shuja ud Dola         D: Mehmood Ghaznavi

39: When Pakistan did accept Bangla daish?
A: 22 jan. 1974                        B: 22 feb, 1974                       C: 1 Jan. 1974             D: 21 Dec. 1971

40: Who inaugurated islamia madrassa pishawar?
A: Quid E Azam                      B: khawaja Islam ud din          C: Sahabzada abdul qayum khan
D: khan abdul qaym

41: When did Abdul-Salam have Nobel Prize?
A: 1978                        B: 1979                        C: 1974                       D: 1977

42: Indus water basin treaty was signed at Karachi on?
A: Sep. 09, 1960         B: September 29, 1960                       C: September 19, 1960
D: September18, 1960

43: Nawaz sharif was disposed on lastly?
A: 14th October 1999              B: 9th October 1999                C: 13 October 1999
D: 12th October 1999

44: Who started Home-Rule Moment?
A: Indhra Gadhi                       B: Mrs. Annie Basant         C: Sonia Ghandi                        D: Moti laal nehri

45: Hijrat movement was started on?
A; 1920                        B: 1919                        C: 1918                       D: 1921

46: Sir sayyad was born in the city of?
A: Decca                     B: Agra                        C: Delhi                      D: Ali garh

47: What was the name of Raja Dahir’s wife?
A: Rani Kot                  B: Rani bai                 C: Rani Indhra                         D: none of these

48: What is true about 3rd Goal Maiz Conference?
A: London, 1932                    B: London, 1931                      C: London, 1930         D: Lahore, 1932

49: When did Islamic Revolution occur in Iran?
A: 1978                        B: 1979                        C: 1977                       D: 1917

50: What was the age of Hazrat Abu bakar (R.A) when he died?
A: 63 years                 B: 62 years                  C: 61 years                 D: 60 years 

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