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5 Major Reasons Why Pakistani Youth Lacks General Knowledge ? Must Read and Share

General Knowledge can be defined as a “Valued Information, Facts and Figures “. The General Knowledge is a wide range of information about the different things like History of famous Personalities, Science, Famous Inventions / discoveries. Biological facts of Animals , Chemistry , Physics , Largest Seas  , Solar Systems ,  Geographical Epithets and so much .
As Each and Everyone knows that, Now-a-days  a Jobs Tests like National testing Service , Central Superior Services (CSS) , Public Service Commission Tests , include at least 20% weight age of General Knowledge Questions in their Papers . The students having enough General Knowledge about Parliaments , Rivers , Science , Physics , News Agencies ,  Major Government Agencies like NADRA , WAPDA , KESC , FWO . FESCO, World Bank etc scores higher marks in the Exams.
On the other side, the Candidates having not enough Knowledge scores less marks as compared to other Candidates and these candidates have less chances of Getting a Jobs. These Candidates faces low merit problems and get deprived off the recruitment process.
Last Year in CSS Exams 2016, only 2.09% candidates cleared the exams out of 9,643 Candidates appeared in the Examinations.
Major reasons Behind Youth Lacks General Knowledge:-
1- Most of the candidates in their Career period only focused at the selected study of Books. The read only course books and Get higher Marks in University Exams , but when they enters in the Competitive Exams Environment , Most of the Candidates face severe consequences .  On the other side , The Students , who take interest in Current affairs and Read Newspapers and General Knowledge Books along with their course books get higher positions in both Exams , i.e. University Exams and Competitive Exams .
2- The students have no time for extracurricular activities, although they have a great time for Playing Cricket, Football, watching Movies, Face book. Outing and Parties.
3- Lack of Extra Curricular Activities / opportunities Like Quiz Competitions in many Schools / Colleges / Universities. Some of the universities are Active in these activities and they are emerging to polish the Qualities of Students.
4- Students lack motivation, if they are motivated to read even a single fact about their country and World per day. It will be fruitful for them. In this way they will get more interest in General Knowledge Studies.
5- Lack of Dynamic Syllabus and random / poor arrangement of Scheme of Studies. Too much course work for Universities Students also make them tired, so they don’t think about General Knowledge Studies.
As the prevailing Conditions, Thousands of Candidates appears in the Competitive exams each Year. Due to lack of Knowledge, they failed and lose the hope of Jobs in Pakistan. The government should arrange more TV Shows related to General Knowledge and Newspapers must publish at-least one page of General Knowledge Facts and Figures of World and Famous Inventions.  Higher Education Commission must encourage universities to promote extracurricular activities.
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Author :-
He is Mohsin Raza Nadeem . He is a Student of Engineering at University of Agriculture Faisalabad and Website Admin at . He writes about Jobs and always striving to write articles about  problems of Candidates .