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Donate your Car to Kars4Kids – Fast. Easy. Nationwide – kars4kids.org‎

Many people donates their cars in California . These cars are used in charitable purposes . However in many cases these donated cars are sold for the benefits of charity or to increase their funds.These cars will be used to support family or for

California car donation is easy in the “Golden State”. Keep in mind that when you donate your car in CA, you’ll receive a tax receipt. With the huge number of programs out there vying for your vehicle donation, it may be hard to figure out the best organization to donate your car .

You have come to the right place – kars4kids crew in California can pick virtually any car donation regardless of condition ,and usually without a title too.

There are many free services of kars4kids.com , they provide :-
* Free towing in CA within 24 to 48 hours
* Tax deductible receipt
* Vacation voucher Details

How its works in California ?
1- Please tell about the car you wants to donate to kars4kids.com . Take 2 minutes to fill out a donation form – online or over the phone.
2- Please arrange or schedule when kars4kids come to pick the car . Within 24 hours they will call you to arrange a convenient pickup time.
3- After this you will successfully donated a car . Within 2-4 weeks you receive a tax receipt and vacation voucher.

400,000+ donors trust kars4kids with their car.

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