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Everyone wants to be successful in life but most often people think that success depend on luck but it’s not true all what success demand is hard work, continuous hard work and more hard work. We  have so many success stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch and now are billionaire. Here is the list of top 10 businessmen who proved everyone wrong and conquer the world on the basis of their hard work and skills.


He is the one person who does not need any introduction. He is the one who has inspired millions of people and make them believe that no matter what the situations are just have believe in yourself and work hard until you get success. Bill Gates is the co-founder of world known company “Microsoft”. His total worth is approximately $85.9 billion. He later founded another company whose name is Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. He left the job of CEO from Microsoft and also after few years he stepped down from chairman’s position as well. Currently he is working as the technology advisor in Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The headquarters of his company is in Seattle, Washington, United States. The official website of his company is:


Mr. Warren Buffet is known as the smartest and intelligent investor currently present in the world. He is a businessman who analyze things very critically, approximately value is $79 billion. He is the CEO of his company “Berkshire Hathway”, which deals in life insurance, sales of jewelry and in annuity sales as well. He is the largest shareholder of his company. Headquarter of his company is present in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.


He is the chairman, founder and the largest shareholder of his company, Amazon. He is known as the American technology entrepreneur and smart investor, with total worth around $73.4 billion. His company basically deals in selling stuff online and you can buy anything from his website. As of now he has also bought “The Washington Post” newspaper. He is also planning to launch a single human flight system soon. Headquarters of Amazon is situated in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

He is the owner and founder of well re known fashion company of Spain, which is Inditex Fashion Group. The brand of his company which is famous worldwide is Zara. His total worth is said to be $68.5 billion. The official headquarter of his company is located in Spain.


The man who revolutionize the world of internet is Mark Zuckerberg. He is at number five on the list of top businessmen in the world. His company name is Facebook which he started in year 2004 and now his total worth according to Forbes is $58.9 billion.He is internet entrepreneur and a programmer as well. He believes that if you do consistent hard work no one can beat you and stop you from rising to the top. The head quarter of his company is in Menlo Park, California, United States.


Basically Mr. Carlos Slim is Mexican business tycoon and investor and the founder of Groupo Carso. He is commonly called the Warren Buffet of Mexico due to its risk taking ability and business straeegis.as of now his total worth is considered as $51.9 billion. Headquarter of Group Carso is present in Mexico City, Mexico.


The co-owner of the Koch Industries and worlds number seven business man is Charles Koch. He holds the largest share in his company which deals with the manufacturing, trading and investing in different group of companies as well. The total worth of his industry is $48.2 billion and headquarter of Koch industries is present in Wichita, Kansas, United States.


He is the brother of Charles Koch and currently the Executive Vice President of the Koch industries. He also holds the same number of shares as his brother does which they got in their heritage from their father and coincidently his total worth is also almost same like his brother, $48.1 billion.


He is the co-founder of Oracle Corporation and stayed at the post of CEO till 2014. Now he is performing the duties of executive chairman and chief of technology department of his founded company, Oracle Corporation. His total worth is $45.5 billionwhich takes him to the ninth rank in this list. Headquarter of his company is Redwood City, California, United States.


Ingvar Kampard is the founder of the most famous Swedish furniture company, namely, IKEA whose total worth is $42.8 billion. His company is considered as the most fast growing company of Swedish whose share market is increasing day by day due to the fact that they are performing really well not just with in Sweden but also trying to expand their business worldwide. Headquarter of his company is located in Leiden, Netherland.

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