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Top Five Most Dangerous Roads in the World – JobsMedia.org

Today we are going to show you the most five dangerous roads in the World . The death rates on the roads are comparatively higher . Consider yourself as a lucky person , as you don’t live near these roads . Every year 1.3 Million people die in the deadliest road accidents in the world . These road tests the skills of the courage and driving skills of the drivers .

Top Five Most Dangerous Roads in the World :

1- North Yungus Road , Bolivia 

This road is famous by ” The Road of Death ” . This road is extremely dangerous and declared ” World’s Most Dangerous Road ” by American Inter Development Bank . On average 200-300 Passengers are fallen to death due to road accidents on this road .

2- Jalalabad – Kabul Road , Afghanistan 


The 65 Km long highway from Kabul to Jalalabad is renowned as the dangerous road in the world . There is a narrow roads and reckless afghani transport drivers whom has made this road more dangerous . There is always a danger of Taliban also along this highway.

 3- James Dalton Highway 

James Dalton highway is located at Alaska , Its length is 667 Km . Its start from Elliot Highways and Ends at Dearhorse . The fast winds and deadliest flying rocks take parts in difficulties to travel on this road .

4- Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

The Karakoram highway is one of the highest international paved roads in the world. This road is also known as ” Friendship Highway ” by Pakistan and China Government. Its is also known as ” Silk Road ” . This road is affected by floods ans land slides which add unease to travelers across the world.

5- Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Guoliang Tunnel is carved along a Mountain in a China . The traffic on this road is low because this road is partially constructed . This road is linking  Taihang Mountains with the village of Guoliang . This tunnel was opened for traffic on 1st May 1977.

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