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What is SAT Test ? SAT Syllabus and SAT Best Preparation Books

What is SAT? What is its full form? 

SAT stands for ” Scholastic Assessment Test ” . It is a special kind of test taken for the admission sin the colleges of United States of America .  This test was first time held in 1926 . The old name of  SAT was Scholastic Aptitude Test and later it was changed to the new name i.e Scholastic Aptitude Test
Who is Examination Authority for SAT Test ?

SAT Test is organized by College Board  through Educational Testing Service .  

How to Take Part in SAT Test ?
SAT Test is offered by College Board several times in a year . The cost of this test is $45 or $57 with optional essay. The test duration of SAT is 3-4 Hours .  About 1 Million + Candidates are appeared in each year in SAT Test.  The fluency in English Language is must to take part in this exam .
What type of Questions are Asked in SAT ?

The test is consist of three parts :
1- Writing
2- Mathematics
3- Critical Reading
Books for Preparation of SAT Test 2016-17 :

1- The Official SAT Study Guide
2- SAT Preparation Black Book
3- Kaplan SAT New Premiere 2017
4- Princeton 500+ Practice Questions for the NEW SAT
6- Gruber’s Complete Guide Book
7- McGraw Hill Education SAT
8- Barron’s New SAT
9- Magoosh The complete Guide to the SAT’s.

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