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Very often we heard about the human rights being violated or ignored in many areas. They even took the basic rights of living, education, health and freedom of speech. Human rights basically are our rights which helps us to live freely with freedom and let us do what we want with total freedom without any hindrance.

Some NGO’s, private firms, social welfare organizations do organize protest on the day of Human rights day to register their protest and aware the world that there rights are not being fulfilled in that area either by the government or by the other residential citizens.

Basically 10 December is the annual Human Rights Day declared by the United Nations to aware the people that they must fight and raise their voice for their basic rights and needs irrespective of their country, area and circumstance. One must raise his voice and ask for his rights as every human should not ignore the rights of other human. Different seminars, workshops and events are organized on this day just to spread the awareness among the people about their rights and let them know that they rights are important not just for them but for the growth and the development of the society and youth as well.

Human rights day is not a public holiday instead in every reputable firm different session are organized on this day to aware people and tell them the importance of human rights. Human rights does play vital role in the development of character of the nation and youth as well. Youth should be given more awareness about the human rights as they are the new generation of the world whom will lead the world towards prosperity and make this world a better place to live where everyone has been given his rights and respected as well.


Basically the Human rights day was first drafted in 1948 and since then it is considered as the major step taken to ensure that the human rights of every single person living in any country belongs to any religion , his rights are protected and he must be given the basic rights which he deserves. Every year many conference are held down in different states which debates and put light on the things needed to be done to ensure that every person has access to food, getting education, given freedom of speech and other basic rights as well. Now the question arises is what we should do on human rights day? Well one should try to celebrate it on his smaller scale like gathering some good number of intellectual’s peoples and asking them the solution for the problems which they and other people are facing try to figure out the solution of them. Once should try to ensure that at least in his area everyone is getting his basic rights and no one’s right are either ignored or violated . These are just simple step by which we can protect the rights of every human and if all of us try to implement on this idea on this Human rights day than we can confidently say that everyone in the world will be able to get his rights and live his life freely and according to his wish.

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