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PPSC S&GAD Jobs for Assistant Past Papers 2018 Solved


Assistant S & G Paper solved 15-04-2018

1- SL won series 2-0

2- Javelin weight 600g

3- 21 points badminton

4- David camp = Jimmy Carter

5- Namaz istisqa for drought

6- odd number 751 ( 5+1 not equal to 7)

7- 4% decrease

8- 26 hens 22 cows = 140 legs

9- Indus Jhelum Chenab

10- Formosa = Taiwan

11- sale = 525 Rs*

12- Taurus : Turkey

13- Latest 2016 office

14- Windows 7 : gadgets

15- laser printer speed??? Words per second

16- gene = heredity

17- salary of about 2520

18- thomas jefferson : 3rd president

19- IMF : washington

20- alexandro volta : hydrogen lamp , battery*

21- emergency : president

22- chairman senate : sadiq sinjrani

23- objectives resolution : liaqat ali khan

24- Gandhi Jinnah talks failed due to two nation theory

25- bagawat e hind : Sir syed

26- asar ul sanadeed : Sir Syed

27- Famous urdu novelist >>>?? Ibne safi

28- taurus mountains : turkey

29- copper : Chaghi

30- Article : 9

31-Synonym of LIMPID is clear

32-Familiarity breeds contempt

33-A rolling stone gathers no moss

34-1st written constitution misaq e madina

35- Synonym of Eliminate is Eradicate

36-President is elected by National assembly and four provincial assemblies

37-کس لفظ کے ہجے درست نہیں….. محوش

38-Volume of cube had answer 64

39- Perimeter of rhombus 24

40. Sikh war was fought between Sikhs and East india company

41-میں رمضان میں آؤنگا…

42-Rivers given to Pakistan in Indus water treaty are Indus,Chenab and Jhelum

43-Asian Games are held after 4 years

44-Formosa is old name of Taiwan*

45- .3 harf bhjnaa mtlb lanat bhjna

46-.joouti chutkaana mtlb maary maary phrna…or jootay baghal mein dabana… Not sure

47..Shams ul ulmaa waaly kaa khithaab

48-.Plutocracy means government by wealthy

49-.Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

50-.PM of india in 1965 was Lal Bhadur Shastri

51.One mcq had answer UNICEF

52-.Indian mitlitary spendind is more than pakistan?

53 Petronas Tower in Kualam Lumpur Malayasia

54-.Capitatal of Zimbabwe is Harare

55-Ibn khuldoun belongs to Tunisia

56-.Dickson is seaport of Malaysia

57- Falkand island dispute in 1982*

58. Which country has access to black sea water? Georgia

59- din, rat Ism Zarf e Zaman

60- Kitab ul Asar… Imam Abu Hanifa

61-Pak China dispute- Ayub Khan

62- Tune of anthem… Ahmad G Chaghla

63- Volley ball champion… Wapda

64- odd in the series 751

65-Chemical process… Rusting of iron

66-Metacarpal bones… Hand???

67-Sri Dalada Maligawa… Temple of tooth…. Kandy Srilanka

68-2 kill 2 birds

69-Nation destroyed by stones… Loott AS

70-Migration stay… Thaur Cave

71-Food digestion… Small intestine


73- size and weight…. Font

74- Database…. Oracle

75- plastic in ocean more than fish by year….????

76- oblivion antonym… Awareness

77-Tigris and Euphrates…. Shat al Arab

78- Gobi…. Mangolia

79-Takla Makan… China

80- 5 star party… Italy

Contributors: Sohail Riaz , Mohsin Raza Nadeem and Sufyan Rasool

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