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PPSC Assistant BS-16 Complete Solved Past Paper 18 October 2020 In Punjab Police Department


One paper MCQ Type Written Test comprising questions on the following syllabus has
been approved which is as under: –

One paper of MCQ type General Ability Written Test of 100 Marks of 90 minutes’
duration comprising questions relating to General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies,
Current Affairs, Islamic studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic
Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies.

PPSC Assistant in Punjab Police 6G2020 Paper Held on 18-10-2020 10 00 Am  Complete Solved Paper 

  1.  Red Lake is found in
  2. A mason fixed 21 titles
  3. Increased level as SGOT/AST
  4. Peace in Afghanistan not possible without Pakistan
  5. I will be Ready by
  6. Country allowed to ride car alone
  7. Value of X in 3x-15-6=0 ?
  8. Oldest Holy Book Taurat
  9. Great Britian of Pacific
  10. Over cooking of food should be avoided
  11. Stanley Wolpart famous for biography
  12. River flows in canada
  13. PCO stands for
  14. Chairman PAEC
  15. Dam Ching Ping
  16. Jacob Zuma South African President
  17. Windows No start button
  18. Manama Capital
  19. Fiji Capital
  20. Khawarij War started after
  21. Why USA Left UNHCR in 2018
  22. Cart before horse means
  23. Muhammad (Saw) name mentioned times in Quran
  24. Shortest age of prophets
  25. Jobbery
  26. Akosombo Dam
  27. Al itqan fi tarjuma
  28. Gulbadan Begum
  29. Spider Study
  30. Lala Lajpat Rai Party
  31. Gulf state accepted isreal
  32. Urdu Shura k Taskre or Taskra Nigari
  33. Lithiotrpsy Shattering Gallstones
  34. Charity begins at home meaning
  35. Window split
  36. To fish in troubled waters
  37. Vaccination Discovered by
  38. Earth Rotation time 23 hrs 56 min 4 sec
  39. Volatile
  40. Windows 8
  41. Ctrl + y to redo
  42. Lunar Eclipse
  43. NAB Javaid Iqbal
  44. Once in blue moon : rare occasion
  45. Death Suprplus
  46. King George V
  47. 1 Sq km is equal to
  48. Land Locked Country
  49. Deepest Lake
  50. CEO of Afghanistan
  51. Angela Markel Germany
  52. Rain Guage
  53. Heart of computer : Microprocessor
  54. Quaid e Azam left congress
  55. Which war name in Surah Al Imran
  56. World Largest Glacier in Antarctica
  57. 2nd populated province of Pakistan
  58. Panama is capital of
  59. Nile river flow in flowing cities
  60. Not a view in power point presentation view
  61. Count items in Excel
  62. working since morning
  63. WIPO
  64. Language in constitution
  65. Ozone
  66. Usmana Riaz 1st doctor
  67. 76 years (Kg)
  68. Total fruits 36
  69. Aswad meaning
  70. Gas to liquid
  71. Dia Mir Basha Indus
  72. Excel size 500
  73. Free trade]
  74. Hazrat Bilal RA
  75. 173, 177
  76. Now or never
  77. Rad ul Fassad
  78. Output devices
  79. Bagh Bagh Hone
  80. Qaqaid ki Ro se Jis me Murakab Jumlon aur abarton se Behas ki Jati h ?
  81. Bar e Meharbani kal zror ayein
  82. Urdu Nazm k phle Shahir
  83. Mout se phle admi —- nijat pae ku ? Ghalib
  84. Char Shunba hafte ka knsa din h Wednesday]
  85. Shahid kis ka shahri majmua h
  86. if 1000 is divided among Rabail and Amna in 2:3
  87. Religion of Arabs majority before islam
  88. Do you know my father?
  89. 18th NAM Summit 2019
  90. Mercury Metal
  91. Quaid e Azam elected as President in Assembly 11 Aug 1947

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Complete Solved Paper today Assistant 18 10 2020 PDF

PPSC Assistant Past Papers for PPSC Preparation Exams Online PDF 2015  :

  1. Shahnama written by Firdausi
  2. Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in 1526
  3. Persian was court language of Mughals
  4. Babar came to india from Ferghana
  5. Hamayun was removed by  Sher Shah Suri
  6. Battle of Plassey b/w Nawab Siraj ul Dula and Lord Clive
  7. Durand Line Treaty was signed in 1893 b/w Sir Durand and King Abdul Rehman from Afghanistan
  8. Todar Mal was revenue Minister of Akbar
  9. Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati
  10. Bengal by divided by Lord Curzon
  11. The first session of All India Muslim League was presided over by _________?A. Sir Saleemullah
    B. Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
    C. Sir Aga Khan
    D. Sir Adamjee Pir Bhai
  12.  Tango Tower is a mountain peak in Gilgit Baltistan , Pakistan
  13. The capital of Pakistan was transferred from Karachi to Islamabad on 12 oct 1963
  14. Kyoto Protocol deals with Environmental problems
  15. After assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan , khawaja Nazmim Ud Din became PM of Pakistan
  16. Capital from Karachi to Islamabad shifted on 12 oct 1963
  17. Paksiatn Nuclear Test on 28 May 1998
  18. Governor is answerable to President
  19. Cease Fire line in Kashmir came into existence on 1949
  20. Manchar is a largest natural fresh water lake in Pakistan , It is located west of the Indus River, in Jamshoro District and Dadu District, Sindh
  21. Kashuf ul Mahjb written by Hazrat Data Ganjbaksh
  22. Waris Shah author of Heer burried in Jandiala Sher Khan
  23. German is not official language of UN
  24. Lactometer is used to measure specific gravity of Milk
  25. Pentagon military headquarter in USA
  26. New session of UN General Assembly begins in September , UNGA 75th Session was started on 16 September 2020.
  27. Pure Gold is 24 carat
  28. Mongolia is a landlocked country.
  29. Atlantic and Pacific ocean are connected by Panama Canal
  30. Amicus Curie means Friend of Court
  31. Fear of closed spaces Claustrophobia
  32. World 1st female PM Srimavo bandranaike
  33. KANNUP was provided by Canada
  34. Mcmohan Line : India and China
  35. Markhor National Animal of Pakistan
  36. Entomology Science of insects
  37. Asad Majeed Khan is a career Pakistan Foreign Service Officer. Dr. Khan presented his credentials as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States of America to President Donald J. Trump on January 11, 2019
  38. Ms Aung San Suu Kyi is  famous politician of Myanmar
  39. Current President of iran Hassan rouhani
  40. According to Article 47 , President Pakistan can be impeached.
  41. SCO : Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  42. Solar is cheap source of Energy
  43. Hydel is main source of Electricity in Pakistan
  44. A penny for your thoughts
  45. Actions speaks louder than words
  46. Bite more than you can chew
  47. It takes two to  Tango
  48. Let the sleeping dogs lie
  49. Enigmatic :Puzzling
  50. Infallible : Authentic
  51. Transient : Fleeting
  52. Adversity : Hardship
  53. Antonym > Abbreviate : Expand
  54. Antonym > Absurd : Rational
  55. Antonym > Active : Passive
  56. Antonym >  Sublime : Low
  57. Antonym >  Vilify : Commend
  58. I am intent to win
  59. If i Had worked hard , i would have succeeded
  60. The new law came into effect last month
  61. It became apparent that he was going to die.
  62. I do not have any confident  to share secrets.
  63. Bile Juice is secreted by Pancreas.
  64. A no whose 7 % is 42 is 600
  65.  A pizza is divided in 12 pieces , if 4 slices is eaten . 2/3 fraction is left.



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