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PPSC Assistant SGAD BS-16 19C2020 Complete Solved Past Paper 12 December 2021 In Services and General Administration Department

Subject:  RECRUITMENT of  ASSISTANT (BS-16)  ON REGULAR BASIS IN Services and General Administration 19C2020

One paper MCQ Type Written Test comprising questions on the following syllabus has
been approved which is as under: –

One paper of MCQ type General Ability Written Test of 100 Marks of 90 minutes’
duration comprising questions relating to General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies,
Current Affairs, Islamic studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic
Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies.


PPSC Assistant in Services and General Administration 19C2020  Paper Held on 12-12-2021  Complete Solved Paper 


Questions with Answers

1- Imam Shafi 150AH
2- Pakistan needs 12 votes to exit FATF Grey list.
3- The meaning of nuisance is a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems.
4-  Daughter of East by Benazir Bhutto
5- Feral means wild.
6- Pakistan ideology based on Islam.
7- In Pakistani Politics “Changa Manga Politics ” means horse trading.
8- Bolan pass located in Toba Kakar Range.
9- Rohtas fort by Sher Shah Suri
10-  My father was so poor, that he cannot buy food for us.
11-Car batteries used Sulphuric Acid.
12- Snow capped mountains in Pluto.
13- Metrology is study of weight
14- Pious Caliphate Period 30 years.
15- A computer program that translates one program’s instructions at a time into machine language is called an Interpreter.
16- Tipu Sultan embraced martyrdom in 1799.
17- Tarshimalaya Mountain range as Trans Himalaya.
18- He has been suffering from fever For  last three days.
19-Wife of Abu Jahl : Bint Umair bin Ma’abad bin Zirarah
20- Hadith comprising wording of Allah : Hadees Qudsi
21- World Wide Web
22- Karachi crime index : 115th
23- Antonym Sacrilegious : Pious
24- Currency of China : Yuan
25- Stonehenge : UK
26- Preside Over (Preposition)
27- Antonym Laborious (Lazy)
28- Computer resultant output : Information
29- Delhi Sultanate : Muhammad Ghauri
30- Tower bridge : London
31- Antonym Wrath: Delight
32- Muhammad Ali Sadpara : Mountaineer
33- Who can’t read / write : illiterate
34- Hazrat Ayesha RA narrated most ahadiths.
35- Animal with Ashab e Kahf : Dog
36- Radul Fassad : Elimination of Discord
37- Study of stars : Astronomy
38- European Union: 27 members
39- Bathsheba Beach : Barbados
40- Turkey Currency Lira
41- Person with unusual habits : Eccentric
42- Foreign Minister Afghanistan Ameer Mutaqi
43- Maritime Minister : Ali Zaidi
44- All history is the history of class struggle quote by : Karl Max
45- Annual Consumption Sugar Per Capita Pakistan : 25kg
46- 5 June Environmental Day
47- Isreal occupied Jeruselam 1967
48- Moin Akhtar : Comedy
49- Lahore is the city of engineers and called engineering hub of Pakistan.
50- Gloss means brightness
51- Kunhar River is also called : Chitral River
52- Hardest thing present in human body : Teeth Enamel


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