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PPSC Assistant BS-16 Complete Solved Past Paper 18 October 2020 In Punjab Police Department

Subject:  RECRUITMENT of  ASSISTANT (BS-16)  ON REGULAR BASIS IN PUNJAB POLICE DEPARTMENT. One paper MCQ Type Written Test comprising questions on the following syllabus has been approved which is as under: – SYLLABUS: – One paper of MCQ type General Ability Written Test of 100 Marks of 90 minutes’ duration …

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Pakistan General Knowledge Questions And Answers Book Pdf

Islamic General Knowledge Mcqs With Answers Pdf book MCQs with Answers. Pakistan Studies Mcqs, English MCQs, General Knowledge MCQs, Pedagogy and Current Affairs MCQs with Online Quiz are also here for the Students. All subjects Quiz Test with the Answers of each question. Read Online  Pakistan General Knowledge Questions And Answers  …

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Top 25 Difficult English words with Their Meanings in Urdu for CSS / NTS / GAT / GRE EXAMS , Must Read !

All the words are takeb from Dawn English Newspaper Dated September 26,2016 for Educational Purpose. I read English Newspaper Daily. I suggest you also to keep in touch with Local & International Newspapers respectively. Links may include English Synonyms or something interested 😀 Word : MeteorMeaning of Meteor in Urdu …

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01. Mohd bin Qasim was the nephew of __________a. Sulayman bin Abdul Malikb. Abdul Malik bin Marwanc. Walid bin Abdul Malikd. Hajjaj bin Yousaf 02. Raja Dahir was the ruler of ________a. Lahoreb. Dehlic. Sindhd. Depalpur 03. Who had the shortest tenure as Governor – General of Pakistan ?a. Iskendar …

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1. Which is the capital of Angola A.Baku      B.Canberra   C.Luanda        D.Manama 2. Land of Midnight Sun is called A.Italy        B.Israel        C.Japan            D.Norway 3. Andes mountain ranges is situated in A. North America B. …

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