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Very often we heard about the human rights being violated or ignored in many areas. They even took the basic rights of living, education, health and freedom of speech. Human rights basically are our rights which helps us to live freely with freedom and let us do what we want …

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In today’s world everyone is aware and worried about the diseases like breast cancer and Ebola but to surprise you, the fact is none of these two makes it to the list of top five diseases that causes death. The most surprising thing during the research was found that even …

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Quran General Knowledge

Surah Inaam means Camel. Surah Nahl means Honey bee. Surah Ankaboot means spider. The major part of Quran is revealed at night time. Generally aayats of Sajida occur in Makki Surahs. 10 virtues are blessed for recitation of one word of Quran. Surah Al-Anfal means Mal-e-Ghanimat. In Naml two bismillah occur …

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Important News For Punjab Province

Title : Deployment of Rangers in Punjab ProvincePublished : Daily Express Newspaper Dated : 10/09/2016 Recently , Government has proposed deployment of Rangers in Punjabprovince for 60 Days duration.The Rangers will take undiscriminatingaction against invalid organizations & allies of terrorists . The Interior Minister has sent to CM Shahbaz Sharif for acceptance of proposal. …

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Road Accidents in Pakistan and their solutions.

Accident is an unwanted incidental and without a plan , usually something bad. It also may be defined as ” anything that happens suddenly or by a chance without an apparent cause ” . It is also an unfortunate mishap , especially causing injury or death to someone. Road Accident …

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